Kerala is the southern most state of India with hundred percent literacy rate and a world-class health care system. It has India's lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy rates. Kerala also has the highest physical quality of life in India. Peaceful and pristine, Kerala is also India's cleanliest State. The state of Kerala is divided into fourteen Revenue Districts. Most of these districts offer all the tourism products typical of the State. In the past Kerala has been visited and occupied by the Chinese, the British, the Portuguese, the Dutch and many others who initially came as traders. Sun blanched beaches, sparkling blue waters, verdant coconut groves, criss-crossing lagoons and backwaters with house boats and country boats plying along them, lush green paddy fields and the Eastern Mountain Ranges endowed with diverse flora and fauna combine to make Kerala a real tropical paradise. Kerala is the greenest state of India and is aptly called “God’s Own Country”

This "God's Own Country", offers the visitor a host of exciting options spread out across the year and consisting of specially designed Ayurvedic Health Holidays, enchanting art forms and magical festivals. Bordered by the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Mountain Ranges in the east, networked by forty four meandering rivers, blessed with a moderate climate and boasting of an exotic cuisine Kerala is really a traveller’s dream. The state has a 360 miles coastline from South to North and the width varies from 20 to 75 miles.